What Can Cosmetic Dentistry Help Me With?


Cosmetic dentistry covers a wide range of issues. If you’re struggling with how your teeth look and want a brighter, healthier smile, cosmetic dentistry in Montclair, CA is a solution for you. At Montclair Plaza Dental Group, we can fix a long list of dental problems you may be struggling with. 

Discolored Teeth

As we age, our teeth tend to get discolored for many reasons. Aging causes the loss of color, and habits like smoking, and eating or drinking things that stain can change the color of your teeth.  We offer dental bonding, tooth whitening, and porcelain veneers to treat your discolored teeth.

Tooth whitening is the primary solution for discolored teeth. We offer both at-home and in-office treatments. They use bleaching agents that are more powerful than those you’ll find over the counter.

For a more permanent solution, porcelain veneers are an option. These thin slices of dental ceramic go over the outside of your teeth, covering the entire natural tooth. These can be matched to the color of the rest of your teeth, or all of them can be whitened.

A more cost-effective alternative to porcelain veneers is dental bonding. Composite resin can be applied to areas of your teeth that you want to whiten. We have a variety of shades to give you the brightness level you want. This solution usually lasts about three to ten years.

Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth aren’t just unsightly. They can also make it easier for you to develop tooth decay and gum disease. Particles get into the hard to reach places where your teeth aren’t aligned correctly.

To fix crooked teeth, we offer ClearCorrect aligners. A more comfortable and discreet alternative to metal braces, this treatment often takes less time than normal braces do as well. Every clear aligner is made to fit your smile based on the impressions we take in the office. You wear them most of the day, changing them about every two weeks. Soon you’ll have a straight, beautiful smile!

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

Chipped and broken teeth can be unattractive and very uncomfortable. We have multiple methods to fix the cracked teeth in your smile. First, porcelain veneers work for this treatment as well. They go over the whole front of the teeth so you won’t even be able to tell you have a broken tooth.

For mild cases, dental bonding is also available for a cheaper alternative. The dentist can shape the resin to fill in the chip or crack in your tooth. This is then hardened and polished to look like your normal teeth again.

Lastly, for severe cases, we offer dental crowns. These go over your entire tooth. If there’s a big break in the tooth, it’ll lose stability and functionality. Getting a custom dental crown will give you the ability to eat food and bite normally. They’re fitted to your smile and can be color-matched to your teeth so that they blend in.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Montclair, California

At Montclair Plaza Dental Group, we strive to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. If you’re ready for a smile makeover, call us today or schedule an appointment online!

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