Montclair Plaza Patient Testimonials


Drs. Patel, Srikureja, and Spinosa provide comprehensive and comfortable dental care to patients of all ages. Learn what patients have to say below:

The entire staff at Montclair Plaza Dental Group as fantastic. The entire staff is absolutely friendly and professional. I am not being sarcastic when I say that my wife and I love going to visit the dentist only because they make the experience as painless as possible and are, in our opinion, genuinely interested in their patients. Y’all are the best.

Alex Castellon

I was in Claremont CA on business when one of my front-tooth veneers broke horizontally. Horrified that I would have to walk around like that for 4 days, I called a dentist in town and they wouldn’t touch it. I called Dr. Dave’s office and they told me to come in so he could evaluate the situation. He glued the broken piece back on and bonded it really well on the backside so it would be strong. It held up until I was able to see my own dentist 8 days later!! Thank you Dr. Dave for saving the day and the rest of my business trip!!

Gina Farias

The best dentist I have ever been to! I’m terrified of going to the dentist but after my experience here I will definitely be back. The dentist made me feel so comfortable and pain free and explained to me everything he would be doing. Would recommend this place to anyone!

Raylene Banuelos

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