3 Benefits of A Family Dentist


Family dentistry means every member can go to the same dentist. Our dental team at Montclair Plaza Dental Group offers quality dental treatment to patients of all ages. Our experienced team in Montclair, CA provides a variety of treatments to make sure your entire family is taken care of.

1. Family Dentistry Makes Life Easier

One of the best benefits of family dentistry is the ability for everyone to be able to go to the dentist under the same roof. Appointments can be coordinated so that you don’t have to make multiple appointments for every member of your family. You don’t want to have to take off work again to take your child to a separate appointment.

2. Reduce Pediatric Dental Anxiety

It can be hard for children to get a dental checkup and cleaning on their own. It’s an unfamiliar place with a lot of bright lights and new sounds, while tools are poking around in their mouth. If they’re able to stand beside their parent and see them getting an exam, it can help them realize that it’s something they don’t need to be afraid of.

In addition, the parent can stay in the room with the child as they get their exam. Having a soothing presence and familiar face can help put the child at ease through the dental procedures. The parents may also know tricks or tips to make sure the child is calm throughout the entire process.

3. Demonstrate Good Oral Health Habits

Getting children into the habit of going to the dentist early can help establish the importance of oral healthcare. They can get into a normal brushing and flossing routine, while also getting used to going to the dentist in Montclair, CA every six months. This can help eliminate dental fear as they get older and they’ll be less likely to avoid going to the dentist if they already have that habit.

Teens and tweens may also show a reluctance to go to the dentist. Going together and showing how important the visits are can help.

Montclair, CA Family Dentistry

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